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A multifaceted digital marketing campaign is complex, with many moving parts. Sure, at first it may seem overwhelming. We get it. But we’ve streamlined the process, making things easier on you, and your bottom line. Efficiency is our middle name. That’s how we deliver top-tier digital marketing services, from start to finish, at a fraction of the cost.

Starting Out With Oh 1 Media

Some people say that the first step is the hardest. Well, they haven’t met us. When you drop us a line, we’ll have a chat with you, exploring your goals. We understand that no two clients are the same, so we start by learning about you. What do you truly want to achieve? Are you focused on conversions? Brand awareness? And, we’ll also go a bit into your background. Your history with digital marketing services is important. It gives us an idea of what has worked—and what hasn’t—allowing us to target areas for growth.


In our first round of conversations, we glean a bunch of information: the total budget for your campaign; the performances of your past campaigns; your feedback. With all those details, we whip up a personalized proposal, centering on your goals and your budget. It’s important to find a game plan that’s just right.

We shun overlong contracts, instead targeting an operational window that lets your campaign thrive. But that’s not all. We do an audit of your current digital marketing services, giving you a good picture of what they’re doing. If their performance is not quite up to snuff, their limitations help our team build a comprehensive roadmap, allowing us to raise your campaign to the next level.


To ensure that your campaign is a surefire success, we get down to the nitty-gritty. Nothing escapes our attention. We research keywords specific to your campaign, prioritizing the digital marketing services you’ve chosen. We craft ad copy that expresses your brand identity and entices your audience. We develop creative assets ahead of time, so they’re ready to go. And no digital media strategy is complete without nuanced, channel-specific settings that bring your brand to the forefront. Planning is essential. So, everything’s set up ahead of time. That’s the only way your campaign can have a great start right out the gate.


So everything’s gone off without a hitch. Wonderful! But, our work has just begun. During the crucial first month of your digital campaign, we closely monitor its performance, gathering audience data. Using what we learn, we set to work formulating ways to improve. In such a fast-moving process, agility is key. Digital marketing services must be dynamic. The earlier we change course, the easier it is to steer your campaign away from what isn’t working, and towards sustained success.


Once your campaign is headed on the right course, we make sure it stays that way. Throughout the life of your campaign, we dive into data to understand how it’s performing, making tweaks to ensure everything is in tip-top shape. At this point, all our decisions are led by data, putting us in the best place to be.


Digital marketing services must be transparent, and responsive. We provide you with monthly reports. We’ll discuss the changes we’ve made, and how they affected performance. The results of A/B tests. The next steps towards improvement. The whole shebang. Communication is essential, but every client is different, so every campaign is different. When we touch bases with you depends on what’s needed for the scale of your campaign. No matter what, we always keep an open line, whenever you need us. Through clear communication, constant analysis, and surefooted action, we make sure your campaign truly soars.

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We’re friendly and we love to talk shop. Drop us a message if you want to learn more about how to boost your digital advertising, or if you have a question about our service. We’re always game to chat.

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