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Amazon is the fastest growing advertising channel in the US. Is your eRetail marketing strategy as strong as it should be? As a top Amazon Advertising agency in Chicago, Oh 1 media provides you with the tools, support, and strategies you need to help your business shine through in an otherwise crowded digital landscape. Let us guide you through the jungle.

Advertising That Breaks Through Amazon’s platform

Amazon is the epicenter of ecommerce. The competition for ad space can be fierce—but that’s just how we like it. Visibility is key, so proactive testing is essential. Amazon advertising agencies tout the riches of the platform, but don’t provide the attentive ecommerce strategy to get to them. We’re changing that.

Our team monitors traffic like a hawk.  From the get-go, we keep an eye on impressions and chart where your ads pop up. Is your ASIN ranking too low? We bump it up. Once our testing supplies enough information, our professionals unite the data with your goals to ensure your campaign gets the click-throughs and conversions it needs to succeed.

Transforming Your Amazon Advertising 

As one of Chicago’s premiere Amazon advertising agencies, we start campaigns strong to maximize ROAS. But we can’t rest on our laurels. Continuous optimization is the bedrock of any effective ecommerce strategy. Static ads run in newspapers; in order to maximize PPC, ours are adaptive. Industry-leading reporting tools give us a complete picture of your campaign.

We waste no time in analyzing data, then shape up your ads in a snap. Rapid response-times allow us to continually optimize content, getting the most from every dollar and every day. If there’s a new opportunity for growth, we’ll uncover it. A poor advertising campaign starts strong and fizzles out. A stellar one starts strong and adapts.

Choose the right Digital Marketing Service. Choose oh 1 media.

Being so close to the point of sale has its perks. Return on investment comes to mind. When you choose our dedicated team, we’ll start by going over your targets, goals, and budget. It’s paramount to select the right platform for your campaign. But the conversation doesn’t stop there. We keep open lines of communication, because strategizing should be an ongoing process. With our commitment to responsiveness and transparency, you’ll never be in the dark about how your campaign is performing. So rest easy.

numbers don’t lie

How we make a difference

We’re proud to have helped our clients reach their highest goals through our forward-thinking approach to online advertising.


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